Rules and Regulations

  1. Drive slowly! - 10 KM/H maximum speed limit in the park.
  2. Only one vehicle and one recreational vehicle unit allowed per campsite. Unit must not extend past the power box. Do not back up recreational past the power box. The fire safety lane located behind each site needs to be left open in case of an emergency. Keep all vehicles (including tires) on a gravel surface at all times. There is no parking on the grass or in empty stalls.
  3. RVs must use a 90-degree elbow for sewage disposal, have a surge protector and water pressure regulator.
  4. All RVs must be newer then 1995.
  5. Tents will only be allowed at the discretion of the manager. One tent per site can be placed adjacent to the RV for a cost of $10.00 per day (providing its for children 16 and under only) and you must register the tent at the office before they are set up. Tents can only be left set up for a maximum of 3 days.
  6. All overnight guests of campers are required to register with the office. For security reasons, please advise your guests to check in at the office and not to be offended if asked to identify themselves. They must park at the north side of the office and walk to the sites. Under the privacy act our staff will not give out any information about guests in the park. Please make sure that the staff is aware of any guests coming into the park.
  7. Parents are responsible for the actions of their children and should always know their whereabouts. No playing in the laundry rooms or washrooms.
  8. For the comfort of all travellers, please observe the quiet time between 11:00pm- 7:00am.
  9. All pets must be always kept on a leash. If pets are caught loose in the park, or left unattended in the campground, Parkland Animal Services will be notified, and the owners will be responsible to pick up their pet and pay any fees. Please be advised bringing your pets in the park is a privilege. NO AGGRESSIVE PETS ALLOWED. Owners of aggressive dogs, no matter the breed, will be asked to leave the park without a refund. Please respect all campers and keep your pets off other sites. A plastic bag for waste pickup must be always carried when walking your pet. A maximum of 2 (two) pets per site.
  10. Please do not leave garbage at your campsite. Use plastic bags and deposit them in the large garbage bins located behind the main office. Recycle bins are also available. It is your responsibility to clean up any garbage or cigarette butts on your site. A clean up fee may be charged if site is left untidy. NO furniture, mattresses, gazebos, decks, carpet, etc. Allowed in the garbage or recycle bins.
  11. No ATV’s, quads, side by sides, dirt bikes skidoos, etc. allowed in the park.
  12. No clotheslines or gazebos allowed on sites. Please keep your site in a tidy condition. Do not store anything under or around your RV; this includes freezers, fridges, storage containers, furniture, laundry machines, decks etc. No matts allowed on grassy areas, no exceptions.
  13. Do not repair, service, or wash vehicles or trailers at your campsite. Arrangements can be made for this to be done else where in the park.
  14. Do not, at anytime, take shortcuts through sites or drive across grassy areas of the park. We have underground sewer and water lines located behind each power box which can be damaged if driven over.
  15. To ensure hot water for all guests, showers are coin operated. $1.00 for approximately 5 minutes. Loonies only.
  16. BBQ and satellite dishes cannot be placed on picnic tables or grass. Maintenance will remove these items.
  17. Only authorized personal are allowed to enter storage area. This area is not to be used to dog walk.
  18. Only emergency telephone messages will be delivered immediately. Regular messages will be delivered when staff members are available to do so.
  19. Rent is due upon arrival and upon due date. Delinquent renters will be evicted when rent is 48 hours overdue.
  20. Do not place or expose anywhere inside or outside your RV, any placard, notice or sign for advertising purposes. No solicitation allowed.
  21. We will gladly give a refund, but a 5% administration fee will be applied to the refund portion. Credit Cards will have the credit applied. Please note that if you pay the monthly rate your refund will reflect the weekly rate per number of weeks stayed, and daily rate for any days over one week. This also applied for weekly rate.
  22. No smoking anywhere in the building.
  23. Glowing Embers reserves the right to evict without prior notice.
  24. Glowing Embers RV Park does not accept responsibility for personal injury or loss/damage of personal property. All facilities are used at your own risk. Your registration form acknowledges your receipt and agreement to all our rules and regulations.